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In September 1973 Andreas Guenther was born in Graz, Austria. Within his first days of childhood his family and he moved to Lake Constance, Germany. He already discovered his passion for acting in his youth. His fascination for this profession, for slipping into different roles grew with the numerous performances he had in Rudolf Steiner School Überlingen, Germany. He became so excited that back in school he already decided: I want to be an actor!
In the nineties he moved to Munich and took drama lessons in order to come closer to his aim. He made his way through as a mover and barkeeper to finance his training. 1996 his first role led him back home to Constance Lake where he played the part of a neglected, sick youngster in the docufiction “Zwischen den Wegen” (Between the tracks). At this point the film director Markus Herling became aware of him and his work. He engaged Andreas right away for the main role of his short movie “Martin – das erste Mal” (Martin – the first time) that has been honored with different awards.
1999 Stephan Ruzowitzky included Andreas in the actor ensemble of "Anatomie" (Anatomy) which became a hit at movie theatres in Germany. In the same year he had great success with his performance as Sascha Klein in the TV thriller “Jenny Berlin”. His work led him to Berlin more and more. 2001 he eventually discovered his passion for this city and packed his suitcases in Munich for a last time. Berlin became his new home.
Since then Andreas acted in numerous theatre and TV movies as well as in many series. He also played parts in several international productions. Andreas is not only fascinated by big movies but also the work with young directors is very important to him and is an inherent part of his diverse work.
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